Step 1

Download the Domain Request Form and Instructions here. This form should be filled out electronically. Requester should complete Part I and Sign & Date by an appropriate departmental officer in Part III. 

Save your document.  Depending on your software/computer you may not be ale to save the document with the information you have entered.  If that is the case, be sure to print out the completed form before exiting the document. 

Step 2

Click Here to Submit Your Completed Domain Request Form

Step 3 - Final Step

Once the form is submitted, Mitra Ashtari from OTC will be notified.  She will complete the rest of the form and submit for campus approval.  You will be informed by Mitra of the approval status and your next step if necessary.  

As soon as the domain name is available, our DNN team will invite all stakeholders for a preliminarily meeting.  This meeting will cover identifying stakeholders' roles, defining new site map, starting UX/UI process, etc.